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Tabs Work Table

Tabs desk is designed to direct our easily distracted attention to the right place. Tabs, which can be used with the convenience of the ordinary, blends the "tab" logic we all know with the traditional work. Tabs gives the user flexibility in using tabs as they wish, with the double rail system on the table. Working cannot be an one-size-fits-it-all act due to its nature and the modular component based system of the Tabs table meets the needs of the user precisely for this reason. 


While you can easily use the fabric and cork Tab with thumbtacks or safety pins, the elastics and pockets on the Felt Tab always perform both storage and display functions. At the same time, Fabric Tab can be a modular distraction preventing screen for users who only care about aesthetics as well as its working function thanks to its design and material that can be applied in different colors.

Designer: Pelin Özbalcı

Type: Personal Project

Year: July, 2022

Duration: 4 weeks‏

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