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mimo Refillable Toothpaste

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Mimo is a unique and high end looking toothpaste "tube" that is designed for those are environmentally sensitive. Mimo was designed for an intent to deliver consciousness with quality. With its friendly looking design and three  harmonious color combos, mimo offers the users a pleasing experience that involves never to discard a tube ever again. 

According to the reports, over 1 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away into landfills each year in the US. Just like any other squeezable tube like sunscreen, toothpaste tubes are nearly impossible to recycle. Toothpaste tubes can often contain a thin layer of aluminium and be made of various types of plastic - making it challenging for recycling plants to separate and process them.

With increasing environmental consciousness there is a growing demand for specialized refilling stations for various products. Mimo’s refilling system works just like any other refilling station, but with a twist. 

The tube fills up from the bottom with the help of pressure the stand offers. Mimo lets the users to see  and decide when to refill the tube with transparent bottom half. 

Designers: Pelin Özbalcı, Sergen Çağlayan

Type: Group Project

Year: December, 2021

Duration: 2 weeks

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