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Mazi Diary Companion

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Mazi is a unique product-app duo that aims to bring back a habit once we all had: journaling. There might be various reasons users quit journaling such as difficulty of spending time on writing, not having enough time or not knowing what to write at all. Mazi intends to take down all the walls that keep us from keeping a diary.​​​​​​​


Mazi aims to change that with a simple product-app duo that helps you remember what you are doing, right now. While the people who still keep a diary write down their day on their Notes app, Mazi takes that to a different level. What Mazi does is bring the mundane writing task that most likely will be abandoned in a couple of weeks to a fun experience, almost leaving the user feeling like they’re talking to a friend.

Designers: Pelin Özbalcı, Sergen Çağlayan

Type: Group Project

Year: May, 2022

Duration: 6 weeks

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