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Last Resort Powerbank

Even when every new launch features a better battery life compared to its predecessor, increasing ways to engage with the devices out run the battery life very often. With increasing usage of smart devices, powerbanks became one of the essential thing to carry around. Smart phone battery's capacity go down drastically in this routine overtime, making powerbanks more and more needed. According to Forbes, average household in US now has 20.2 smart devices, meaning at least a quarter of it requires charging regularly. Having to charge many smart devices can often result in overlooking powerbanks and leaving users out of charge in urban life.


Last Resort powerbank tries to solve this problem by giving users one more alternative when the find themselves in an unwanted situation. The users can detach the hand crank arm and reattach to start charging the powerbank as a "last resort", giving them a peace of mind knowing they won't be really out of charge ever while carrying Last Resort. 

Designer: Pelin Özbalcı

Type: Personal Project

Year: November, 2022

Duration: 2 weeks‏

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